Long An: Most projects face delays due to problems with

Due to difficulties in site clearance should sew implementation progress of most projects in Long An province are slowly

Yen Thanh Joint Stock Company ( Long An ) is implementing two projects in Ben Luc district is Nhut Chanh Industrial Park ( total area of ​​104.8 hectares ) and Nhut Chanh residential area ( total area of ​​33.9 ha ) .

To date , Nhut Chanh Industrial Park has paid compensation and ground clearance is 104 ha , 0.58 ha rest can not release because people disagree compensation rates . Also in Residential Project Nhut Chanh , the investor has to pay the compensation and ground clearance of 27.2 ha and 6.7 ha no distraint , clearance compensation due to people not agree .

"We hope that the authorities take measures to help the company soon agreed compensation , site clearance and construction of residential and Nhut Chanh Nhut Chanh Industrial Park is complete ," said Vo Van De , General Director of recommendations.

Similarly, Alliance Corporation , the project investor Nhut Chanh Industrial Complex 2 ( area 101.5 ha ) is also a headache for the clearance . The project was approved by PPC from mid-2006 , but this still 2.7 hectares of land clearance can not because some households do not agree with the compensation .

Besides not agree on the compensation , why slow clearance was caused by delays in arranging the resettlement area for residents in the cleared area . Mr. Nguyen Hung Cuong , General Director of JSC Alliance said , to date, Company Peace and Development Center land Long An has yet to complete the resettlement area for households in areas cleared of 3 projects mentioned above , some people not want to take the money , allocated to investors clearance .

Meanwhile, the industrial cluster project in Long Son commune 46 hectares ( Duoc ) by Yongfeng Co., Ltd. is an investor as well falling into the same situation . To date , work area clearance and resettlement has been done on the area of ​​13.2 ha in Long Cang commune , district accessible. There was a 341 m2 households have no agricultural land and structures on land yet to receive the money .

" In the first three months of 2011, Long An province have established inspection or review of investment projects in the province to promote the progress of investment , proposed revocation or delay projects not implemented " Mr. Nguyen Minh Ha , Director Department of Planning and Investment said Long An .

According to Nguyen Huu Tuan , Head of Economics and Budget , the Monitoring Group and chief investment project in Long An province in 2011, the order to deploy multiple projects open and not really have a specific route , should cause pressing in people . " The clearance compensation not really upset consistency in people . Local authorities should coordinate closely with investors to resolve the difficulties encountered by the parties , to accelerate the implementation of projects and solve housing and stable employment for the people , "he Tuan said .

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