Real estate business more efficient through knowledge of feng shui

Real estate market is gradually warming, especially in the 2 major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Business opportunity is coming back, but you also difficult to convince your potential customers. Customers increasingly picky? Who decided to buy a home? How to sell the house in bad terrain? Many questions are posed in such situations.

Understanding these difficulties, we held a seminar: "Feng Shui APPLICATIONS IN REAL ESTATE BUSINESS" to help "troubleshoot" part of the challenge you are facing. With the experience from speakers - feng shui expert Ha Nguyen will give you the correct view of the general Geomancy or feng shui in the Real Estate business in particular.

The workshop will help you reach efficient business methods by applying factors: Thien Loi WHERE'S REPUBLIC THOI- a harmony. You can easily advise clients, business partners or selected neutralize the adverse factors for effective business ... Also, this is also an opportunity to build relationships with more than 200 experts in industry in the northern region and engage directly in dialogue workshop.

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