Interest rates fell raise capital: Real estate has benefited?

Just a day after the Bank announced lower interest rate ceilings , massive banks lowered interest rates .

The operating rate of the State Bank was made ​​based on macro-economic situation , in association with the ability to control , operating tools of monetary policy in each period .

Interest rates decline most recently on 17/3 , State Bank announced a series reduce key interest rates . Accordingly , the maximum interest rate applicable to term deposits with terms of less than one month decreased from 1.2 % / year to 1% / year , the maximum interest rate applicable to term deposits from 1 month to 6 months decreased from 7 % / year to 6 % / year .

Following the trend that only 1 day later , more massive bank lowered interest rates .

The move reduced the ceiling rate of the State Bank and the bank is reasonable and timely . Lower deposit interest rates banks can help reduce the chances interest rates . So , now enjoy cheaper cost of capital , business operations more efficient .

But the question is , which reduced interest rates , the people rushed to invest in other channels bring higher profits as real estate ?

Interest rates fall, more people invest in Real Estate ?

Reply to the possible impact of the rate cuts to other investment channels involved , vice governor of the State Bank Nguyen Dong Tien , said that , in theory , in a perfect market and policies operating flexibility , reduce interest rates , the stock market as real estate ... will benefit . However, Vietnam's market and cuts this context , the reaction of people to withdraw money to invest in properties will not be large . Because due to lower interest rates in the period under 6 months of longer term deal and still be attractive .

For many people , the reduction in interest rate is not very big influence to their investment sentiment for bank depositors is a solid choice .
The adjusted interest rate will stimulate flow deposits are concentrated in the longer term with higher interest rates . This is essential for the commercial banks in the capital balance .

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