Diamond Flower Tower Open semi-CC, Huang Dao Thuy - 34Tr / m2, Full VAT

Property Type: Villa sale

Price: 14 tr/m2

Area: 69 m²

Address: District 2, TPHCM

Date Posted: 08/10/2014

Expiration date: 30/11/-0001

CDT listed Price: From 34Tr / m2 (depending on apartment floors DT)
This is an opportunity for smart customers choose to buy Diamond Flower Tower moment first to enjoy the best prices. By opening round of selling will end on 09.30.2014

Project Name: Commerce office complexes and condominiums Diamond Flower Tower (Tower diamond flower)
Location: Lot C1, KDT Trung Hoa, Nhan Chinh, Hanoi (Hoang Dao Thuy street corner and Le Van Luong)

Utilities and services:
- Close to the Ocean supermarket shopping convenience mart, 1km from the Big C ...
- Nearly 1,2,3 kindergarten schools, shopping, restaurants and services: the Ly Thai To, the Amsterdam, the Luong The Vinh, the school's ...
- Nearly urban area, Royal City high-rise apartment, condominium complexes Hapulico ... Diamond Flower Tower Belongs central location convenient can move into the old town area and moved to Ha Dong, My Dinh, Tu integrity and the surrounding areas.
- The project consists of 3 basements, supermarkets, 4-storey retail, services, public facilities, 10-storey office
- Floor 16 to floor 37 includes living apartments, 12 apartments designed / 1 floor, including 3 separate elevator than the service area office.

Area 119 - 120-125 - 162-174 m2
+ Penthouse: 497-584 m2

Progress payments
Session 1: 50% of contract value
Phase 2: 50% (March 12/2014 - handover)

Luxurious interior, comfortable, 100% imported includes: Air-conditioned rooms, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, heater, wood flooring, kitchens from, hood, sanitary ware, shower cabin ... 3 floors basement garage with automated technology. The entire outer surface of the building were toughened glass 3 layers of sun protection, heat, noise.

Form of ownership: Red Books (owned 50 years to foreigners)

Bank supports 70% of the apartments

Why buy Diamond Flower Tower Apartments?

1 Position Gold - Crossroads Hoang Le Van Luong and Thuy Dao - the largest intersection of Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh urban area
2 3rd highest building in Hanoi (37 floors - 176m) after Keangam Landmark Tower (72 floors - 336m) and Hanoi City Complex (Lotte Center Hanoi Tower) (68 floors - 267m)
3 Unique Architecture Building (Tower diamond flower); lighting system building impressive evening. When completed the building will be the most beautiful, the most class and is the heart of Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh urban area
4 Complete is designed to comply with Japanese standards unit designed by leading Japanese MHS Planers, Architects & Engineers undertake. CDT has invested over one million dollars to spend for building design Diamond Flower Tower

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